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Duck Covers

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About Duck Covers

Most outdoor patio furniture covers on the market allow water and other outdoor elements to compile on the surface. However, Duck Covers are specifically designed for patio furniture care and optimal covering. These patio covers are made using only the best materials and enable your furniture to withstand the elements and maintain its beauty. With the use of Duck Covers your furniture can last longer and be safe from damage during all times of the year. No other patio furniture cover can give you the results obtained by the use of Duck Covers. Many other furniture cover brands try, but their design can’t compete with the advancements made by Duck Covers. The technology produced by this revolutionary brand can’t be duplicated or surpassed. Duck Covers has you covered..literally, whether your looking to protect your outdoor furniture chairs, ottomans, small tables, chaise lounges, loveseats, sofas, tables, BBQ grill covers, patio heaters, and table and chair combinations.

The secret to Duck Covers effectiveness comes from it revolutionary inflation design. Most furniture covers allow for debris and water to collect on the low points of the surface. Duck Covers developed a design that would eliminate this problem and allow for better care and lasting results. The design developed also eliminates contact between the furniture and the cover. This greatly reduces the existence of mold and mildew. These issues with patio furniture and their coverings are a thing of the past.

Duck Covers design implements the use of a dome and inflation that yield a shape that is repellent to debris and water. The dome also allows for air passage that diminishes the opportunity for mold or mildew growth. Duck Covers has taken into consideration all aspects of patio furniture and developed the best design available. No other patio furniture covering brand can use this design, because a patent has been issued to Duck Covers. Duck Covers owns exclusive rights to this innovative design and is the only brand that can offer its benefits to consumers.

The concept might be innovative and effective, but it is not difficult or time consuming to use. Duck Covers inflate in less than two minutes and require no other upkeep. However, straps are available for further security from high winds and other outdoor elements. These furniture coverings come standard for furniture pieces of all sizes. Whatever your needs, Duck Covers has a fast and easy solution.

Patio furniture coverings do not have to be dull and ineffective. Coverings are available in stylish designs that implement the latest technology. You never have to worry about your patio furniture, as long as you cover it with Duck Covers. Even after a long winter your patio furniture will look as good as new.

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