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Calcana heaters

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About Calcana Heaters

Calcana offers residential and commercial wall or ceiling mounted heaters for any indoor and outdoor heating need. They have products for garage, patio, outdoor and industrial heating solutions that are sleek, low profile, and take up zero floor space. They are available in stainless steel with either propane or natural gas and come in various sizes including 5.4’ and 10.4’. Additionally, you can mount the unit to walls at an angle.

Calcana Patio heaters are certified for indoor and outdoor applications. They are made with high quality materials that eliminate metal fatigue and reflector warp or separation. Calcana heaters can operate in the harshest environments including wind, rain, and snow with temperatures as low as -40F. They have a safely enclosed flame which is protected from the elements inside a low intensity infrared emitter tube. This tube captures heat energy contained in hot flue gases and turns the energy into comfortable heat waves.

Sophia Picazo, a restaurant property manager from San Diego, California praised her Calcana Patio heaters at the 2012 National Restaurant Association Show. Calcana Patio heaters allow her to utilize her outdoor patio dining area year around so she doesn’t lose half of her available seating because it’s too cold outside. “Calcana heaters are absolutely wonderful. They keep it warm for our guests and maintain a nice environment. The heat radiates from one side to the other.  Calcana heaters have an on/off switch and temperature control dial so I can adjust the heat from low to high. In San Diego, we love the medium heat.”

Calcana’s garage heaters produce infrared heat that heats surrounding objects, rather than just heating the air. This provides an overall warmer room because the heat is absorbed by the solid objects within the room. Let Calcana take your garage from an uncomfortable cold storage room to a functional living addition and great hangout space for your home. Not only will a Calcana heater make the garage warmer, it will also heat the rooms above and adjacent to the garage.

Calcana’s garage heater, the CAL-40A-10’ SS Model was the winner of the 2009 SEMA Global Media Award for Best new Product. This award was chosen by journalists based upon their perceived level of consumer appeal for the product.

Calcana’s Infrared outdoor heaters are perfect for anywhere that people gather outside. Check out our selection of Calcana heaters today. Patio Products USA, Your one stop shop for patio needs.