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About Bond Manufacturing

Bond Manufacturing specializes in high quality patio products. Bond Manufacturing carries heating products, fountains, patio umbrellas, and grills. Bond Manufacturing has over 60 years in the patio product business and they are one of the industry leaders in patio, lawn, garden, and outdoor living.

Bring warmth to your backyard with one of Bond's fire bowls or fire tables. Bond Manufacturing has beautifully crafted heating products that are sure to add a significant touch to your backyard. By adding a source of heat to your patio, you can extend your outdoor season in spring and fall. Imagine being able to relax on a crisp, April morning, or being able to entertain on a chilly September evening. With a fire table or fire bowl from Bond Manufacturing, these otherwise known “chilly” days will be limited! These fire bowls and fire tables are available in many decors and will quickly become the centerpiece for your backyard guests. Compliment your beautiful backyard living area with a Patio Heating product from Bond Manufacturing

Brace the ambiance of your outdoor living area with a unique, Bond Manufacturing fountain. Whether your fountain is mounted on the wall, or if it is nestled in the garden, fountains breathe beauty and tranquility into any space. Naturally, and peacefully, they delight both the eyes and ears. With distinctive designs from Bond that range from classic to modern, fountains are certain to add an esthetically pleasing touch to your garden or patio. What’s more? The soft sound of cascading water is sure to provide the perfect complement to any outdoor living area, at any time of day. Bond Manufacturing even offers beautiful birdbath and feeders. They are available in two different sizes, 17 inch and 23 inch models.

The lure of the outdoors is irresistible, that’s why Bond has crafted beautiful patio furniture. When warm weather arrives, we want you to transfer you indoor lifestyles, to outdoor spaces, in style. Whether it is to relax, dine, or entertain. Bond Manufacturing makes all of this possible. Their extensive collection of outdoor furniture provides weather resistance without compromising comfort or style. Additionally, Bond has beauitful market umbrellas that range in 9 feet in diameter and come in natural and green finishes.

Whatever your needs are, Bond Manufacturing has you covered. Check out our large selection of Bond Manufacturing Products at Patio Products USA, your one stop shop for Patio Products.