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About The Blue Rooster Company

The Blue Rooster Company was founded on designing and manufacturing the highest quality outdoor fireplaces on the market. They have spent over 15 years designing fireplaces with the consumer in mind. They create beautiful outdoor fireplace chimineas to provide an alternative solution to fire pits for your backyard. Chimineas are different than fire pits in that they have a chimney and don’t have an open bowl. The Blue Rooster Company chimineas are efficient and easy to operate.

The design of a good chiminea utilizes fresh air which creates proper drafting, similar to your fireplace at home, which keeps the smoke and fumes away from your eyes while still providing excellent warmth. Also, it offers a safer alternative to fire pits and bowls because the chiminea encloses the fire, which protects your loved ones and your property.

Blue Rooster offers two types of chimineas, cast iron and cast aluminum. Blue Rooster cast aluminum chimineas will last longer than cast iron chimineas and will not warp, crack, or rust. It is also lighter than cast iron, doesn’t stain the surface that it is standing on, and provides worry free usage and low maintenance. Cast aluminum is the premier material available for outdoor fireplaces in terms of durability and dependability.

However, many consumers like the elegant look and weight of cast iron chimineas. Cast Iron chimineas usually way around 200+ lbs. This is great for public areas such as campsites, because the chiminea won’t “disappear” on you. Cast iron chimineas require more maintenance to retain the paint finish and can stain the surface that they are standing on. The Blue Rooster cast iron chimineas are made with the same sand cast molds as the cast aluminum. Some of the bestselling Blue Rooster products are the Prarie Chiminea, Gatsby Chiminea, and Dragonfly Chiminea.

The Prairie Chiminea features a stainless steel mouth screen, removable neck for grilling, cast iron bottom grate to support fire, and a removable matching rain lid.

The Gatsby Chiminea has a different unique design providing the feel of the Gatsby era. Also, it has many of the same features as the Prairie Chiminea. The Dragonfly Chiminea has a detailed Dragonfly and Fern design creating the perfect centerpiece for any patio. It also comes with many of the same features at the Prairie Chiminea.

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