8 Innovative, Clever And Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Interior decor trends change, blend or go out of date all the time. Don't let your bedroom.

bedroom in red

1. Escape Corner

To create your safe haven in the bedroom you’ll just need to tuck a armchair in one of the corners of the room. In addition to your resting spot you could add a standard lamp next to the easychair and turn it into a reading spot. If it is between windows natural daylight will come in during the day which makes it even more convenient and pleasant.

2. Personalize

Nothing will say more about you and your bedroom than item which will express you. Add a few photographs, books or other small but significant elements on your nightstand or somewhere in the room. This way you will add more warmth, coziness and avoid formal atmosphere.

If you'd like to keep it simple and stylish, trustworthy experts would advise to avoid to combine bright and big patterns with too much framed art or photography. If you choose not to follow the advice there's a fair chance to change the appearance of the room and turn it into a kitschy splash.

3. Mixed Use of Furniture

One great feature of furniture is you could use it for multiple purposes, thus mix practicality and use. A bookseller table would be the perfect new addition to your bedroom. You could use it as both a bookshelf and a nightstand.

bedroom with bedposts

4. Bold Mix

Don’t be afraid to experiment with various interior decor elements. It is not absolutely necessary for everything to match completely. Take nightstands for example, you could place a different one on every side of the bed and even their height with a small pile of books. This could be regarded as a compromise between styles, especially if your decor ideas don’t match with those of your significant other.

5. Photography Art

It is not necessary to buy a load of impressionistic paintings to introduce art into your bedroom. All you need is a professional photograph in a stylish frame. You could print it in a large resolution so it sticks out and draws attention. It will personalize the room a lot more than something else. If you wouldn’t like to hang actual photographs above the bed you could turn them into cameos of your loved ones. This would make it a little bit more interesting and off-beat.

open bedroom

6. Define The Purpose Of The Room

Logically, your bedroom is your retreat area where you relax after a tiresome day at work. So, rest should be the main and only feature of your room. If you’ve already decided to use it for multiple purposes like peaceful reading, studying and resting you’d have to furnish it smart. For the purpose you could use a modular desk which will serve as a night stand. It will provide wider surface where you could both place your work documents and place a flexible night light.

7. Flowers

Potted flowers are the classic way to make a room more inviting and casual. What is more, a few flowers on the window ledge will add a fresher look to the living space. What you need to take into account before you purchase the plants is the amount of light and the temperature they’ll live in. If the flower thrives better in well-lighted places and your bedroom is dimmer bear in mind it’ll probably wither. The same goes for the temperature of the room- if the plant loves more moderate temperatures and your room is too hot it won’t develop well and might even die. If you’re too busy with countless daily tasks you could place a bouquet in a stylish vase with an interesting design.

8. Re-Purpose

If you have no desire to go on a tiresome shopping tour for a nightstand for example, you could repurpose a pile of books. It’s free, practical and clever, as you’d use it for both a bedside table and a stack of favourite reads.