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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

There’s no point in outfitting your home with the latest furniture, appliances, décor and paint if you’re not going to light it properly. As every photographer will tell you: lighting is everything. The same mantra can apply to the home, where inadequate or poorly-chosen lighting can turn a kitchen into a cave and a dining room into a nauseating light show. Proper lighting serves as invitation and accent, guiding one’s eyes and illuminating artistically, functionally and in subtle ways that fit the room and meet the room’s needs. Explore all the indoor & outdoor lighting options here to shine a proper light on your home.

Find lighting fixtures of every shape, size, and finish right here. Browse our selection of ceiling pendants, wall sconces, flush mounts, chandeliers, and more. There's lighting for every room of the home, including bathroom lighting and kitchen lighting at our online store. Take it outside with a wide selection of outdoor lighting as well. A comprehensive outdoor lighting scheme marries aesthetic illumination with safety & security. So look for eye-catching outdoor wall sconces and post lights to illuminate the front door and walkways, but consider flood lights and spotlights to bring peace of mind.

All over the home, additional lighting helps to set the mood, draw the eye to wall decor or seating areas in the living room, highlight a new backsplash or provide a halo around the island where guests and family are meant to congregate. The many parts lighting plays within – and without – the home should convince any shopper to spend a little extra time making the right decisions and considering just how a fixture will be used.

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