How to Hang a Picture

Pictures and artwork are essential to complete the décor of a room. Picture hanging can be tricky. Learn how to hang a picture with tips from Homeclick.

Expected Project Length:

Less than 30 Minutes

Skill Level:



Picture hanger


Hammer Pencil Tape Measure

5 steps on 'How to Hang a Picture'

1. Make light mark where you want to hang the frame

Man makes light mark on wall where he wants the picture to hang from

Hold the picture where you want to hang it and make a light mark on the wall at the center of the frame.

2. Measure wire

Man measuring distance between taught wire and picture frame edge

Turn the picture over, hold the wire taut and measure from the wire to the top of the frames edge.

3. Make mark for your hook

Man measures distance from initial mark to desired hook location

Measure down that distance from the pencil mark on the wall. That’s where your hook will go.

4. Drive nail in wall

Man holds hook over mark while driving nail in

Hold the bottom of the hook over the mark and drive the nail(s) in.

5. Hang the picture

Man hangs the picture on his wall

Hang the picture and adjust it to be straight.