How to Hang a Mirror

A hanging wall mirror adds style and a sense of space to a room and offers design home improvement. Learn how to hang a mirror with these DIY install tips.


Expected Project Length:

Less than 30 Minutes

Skill Level:



New mirror Anchoring screws with hooks


Carpenter's level Pencil Awl Screwdriver Tape measure

8 steps on 'How to Hang a Mirror'

1. Measure from the wire to top of frame

Human hand holding wire on back of mirror taught to immitate how it will hang with a nail while measuring the distance from the wire to the top of the frame

Hold the wire taut and measure the distance from the wire to the top of the frame.

2. Find the anchor line

Man drawing on the wall just above the mirror's frame

Hold the mirror against the wall at the desired height and make a light mark on the wall just above the center of the frame. Then measure down the distance of the wire from the top of the frame (taken in Step #1) and make another mark there.

3. Center the hanging point

Man measuring distance between two objects

To center the mirror between two objects, measure the distance between the two, divide in half and make a mark on the wall.

4. Draw a plumb line

Man drawing a plumb line against a carpenter's lever

Using the level, draw a plumb line from the center mark to the mark indicating the top of the frame.

5. Mark the anchor points

Marking points on the wall using pencil and tape measure

Make a mark 4” on either side of the center mark, along the same line as the mark made in Step #2. This is where the anchors will be installed.

6. Start the anchor holes

Awl held against the wall to make anchor holes

Drive the awl into the wall where the two marks were made to start the hole for the anchors. Wiggle the awl around to widen the hole a bit.

7. Drive in the anchoring screws

Using a screwdriver to drive in anchoring screws into the previously made holes

Use a screwdriver to drive the screw and hook combination into each hole.

8. Hang the mirror

Man hanging mirror

Place the mirror (wire) on the hooks. Center and level the mirror. Enjoy your newly hung mirror!