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Plug & Play Smart Light Fixtures

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Why SkyPlug?

  • Plug & Play Installation
  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Safer
  • Reduces installation costs
  • No more hardwiring
  • Easy upgrade

Smart Features

  • Phone & Voice Control
  • Scheduling
  • ECO - Energy Saving Mode
  • Dimming
  • Backup / Emergency Light
  • Room Ambiance Color Changing
  • Night Light
  • Overload Prevention
  • Grouping Control Mode

Control smart features via the SkyHome App

Filter Your Results
Type represents the categories or types of products that you can refine down on.
Number of Lights
Refine your results by the total count of Lights on a product.

Note for LED fixtures:  The total count of LED's is generally higher than the normal count of lights.  Example a 1 light LED fixture may have 10 LED's
Family / Collection
Many of our products are part of collections that consist of different products with the same style/design.
Bulb Type
Refine your results by the type of bulb a product uses.
Motor Type

Select your Motor Type:

AC: Alternating Current

DC:  Direct Current (more energy efficient)

Voltage Rating
Refine your results based on Voltage type

Low Voltage:  12 volts - requires a transformer

Line Voltage:  110/120 volts - standard household current

Commercial Voltage:  220 and above - used in commercial or high voltage applications
UL Rating
Refine your results to look at products that are rated for use in Damp or Wet Locations.

Wet Rated - safe to come into direct contact with water

Damp Rated - safe to be outdoor, but under cover and should not have direct contact with water

If something is not wet or damp rated, it can only be used in Dry applications (indoor only).

Select this to look at products that are designed to withstand Coastal/Marine environments.

A marine or coastal light is resistant against humidity and corrosion from on-shore winds coming from large bodies of water. In the majority of cases, the protection is from saltwater corrosion.
Energy Star Approved
Select this to look at products that are Energy Star Approved.

Energy Star Approval means that a product meets certain federally mandated guideline regulating energy efficiency.
Standard Wattage
Refine your results by the total wattage per socket of a product.
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New Releases
Sloped Ceiling Compatible Filter by products that can be hung on a sloped ceiling.
Power Source Filter by the power source of the product.
Hanging Method Filter by the method a product is hung.
Color Temperature Filter by the color temperature of the light output (measured in Kelvins).
  • The lower the temperature, the warmer the light (yellow).
  • The higher the temperature, the cooler the light (blue).
Height represents the measurement from top to bottom on a product.

This filter is measured in inches.