A Bungalow to Brag About

Designer Jill Jackson believes in livability, so it's small wonder this Monterey bungalow project features cozy nooks, warm textures, and inviting rooms.

Cozy dining room with kitchen in background

Monterey-based Jill Jackson understands why her clients grow attached to their belongings and keepsakes. “I often have to reuse some of their possessions because of either budget or emotional attachment. I love to be able to re-purpose those items in ways the client hasn't thought of,” she says.

For this gorgeous 2,500-square foot, nine-room Hollywood Hills bungalow she remodeled the kitchen, added a window seat, and decorated the living room and dining rooms. “There weren’t any challenges,” she tells Homeclick, “other than traveling back and forth!”

Indeed, the job was a few hours south of her, which could have presented scheduling issues but did not.

“I have family that live there, so it’s worth it for me in the end,” she says.

Although this client is a “high-end stylist” she’s known for many years, she says she has “a virtual design business where [sometimes] I don’t travel and never meet the client!”

Comfort and hominess

Unlike some super-stuffy designers who only create rooms that can’t be touched, Jackson believes in livability. “I go for comfort and [a] livable [home] whenever possible. I like to mix patterns and textures, whether traditional or modern.”

She can remake a room from the ground up or just spruce up: “If a client hires me, it’s because they can’t do it themselves, and they need direction.”

Spacious living room with rug and accents

She then tackles a renovation with the eye of a sculptor and the verve of a linebacker. No fuss, and no hidden tricks. “I am, above all, very honest in dealings with my clients,” says Jackson.

Her honesty is, perhaps, a reflection of the longstanding dream. “I have always loved decorating. I did it as a child!”

Dining room table with chairs over rug and beneath hanging pendants

That youthful vision and creativity informs and inspires her work today: for 30 years ago she took an “abandoned house built in the 1800s that hadn’t been occupied in two years, and turned it into a very successful bed and breakfast. That would be a project I’d love to do again.”

Scroll down for more photos of Jackson's Monterey bungalow project as well as a carmel cottage remodel she worked on -- get inspired!

Lounge nook with pillows and hanging pendant light

A cozy spot to soak up the sun is graced by beautiful chocolate and tan pillows.

Antique kitchen table with chairs

The designer found this adorable breakfast table in an antique store.