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Sunpak heaters

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About Sunpak Heaters

Sunpak has been providing heating solutions for residential and business applications throughout the United States and Canada for over 30 years. Manufactured by Infrared Dynamics, Sunpak offers some of the best heaters available in the market today and with their versatility and portability, they can be placed in multiple areas throughout the patio to perfectly complement any patio design.

The Sunpak brand is a good choice for those who want a convenient residential or commercial heater that is inexpensive to use and very easy to operate. They can easily be mounted on outdoor walls, under ceilings, and awnings at any angle from 0-30 degrees. Aside from the convenience that you can get from the product, you also get superior performance with top of the line features and specifications. These features include quiet operation, a Direct Spark ignition, 100 safety shutoff from either natural or propane gas, a decorative safety grille, and a slim profile. Sunpak heaters can be generated by the use of either propane or natural gas, so you can choose what will best meet your taste and preference.

Sunpak heaters utilize infrared radiant heat. Infrared heaters heat people and solid objects instead of simply heating the air.

Two basic Sunpak models are available. The S25 model, with an input rating of 25,000 BTUH, which is suitable for patios with a medium ceiling height and typically covers a 10’ x 10’ area. Meanwhile, the S34, with an input rating of 34,000 BTUH, will cover a slightly larger area at 12’ x 12’, but requires a higher ceiling. The different models of Sunpak heaters are known for their ergonomic design and light weight. Sunpak heaters can be expected to raise the outdoor comfort temperature up to 10 degrees.*

If you do not know anything about electrical installations, you can ask a professional to do the job. Sunpak recommends that you have a trained professional do the installation of Sunpak products.

Would you like to make your home, resort, restaurant or other residential/commercial application a better place during the cold season? Then all you need to have is a high quality heater from Sunpak. You can never go wrong with Sunpak because this brand will not fail you. It's heaters will live up to your expectations and meet your needs as well.

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*Please be aware that heating effectiveness depends on many factors including air temperature, wind velocity and height of installation.