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Patio Comfort

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About Patio Comfort Heaters

Initially, Patio Comfort heaters were designed and marketed specifically for restaurants and pubs. Afterwards, restaurant customers caught on to the kind of warmth these devices provided as well as their beauty. You can bring the luxury and coziness of Patio Comfort heaters into your own home today.

If you love hanging out in your yard or porch, you can now enjoy it all year round with these amazing Patio Comfort heaters. The remarkable thing about Patio Comfort heaters is that it lets you make the most out of spaces in your house that are rarely used. If you do not have a Patio Comfort heater, you are not utilizing your patio to the fullest. Patio Comfort heaters combine functionality and ease of use. They are lighter in weight than most heaters, come 90% assembled, and can be easily moved with their included standard portable wheel kit. Each unit is powder coated for superior durability and have stainless steel fasteners, burners, and machine screws. Not only are Patio Comfort heaters great for Patios, they are also good for walkways, the foyer, driveways, and anywhere else that you and your guests could use some extra warmth.

The Patio Comfort heater is awesome to have for personal use or enjoying the backyard with some friends. Nevertheless, if a full-sized patio heater is beyond your budget, you may want to consider a table top patio heater. It is simply a downsized version of the free standing heater but is significantly cheaper. The advantage of the table top version is that you can easily move it around. It is also useful for camping, outdoor events and small spaces because you can just put the heater aside after using it.

Patio Comfort Heaters utilize infrared heat. Infrared heaters heat people and solid objects instead of wasting energy by simply heating the air. This creates a clean and more efficient heating source. Patio Comfort Heaters are normally made from stainless steel and use natural or propane gas. When you run out of fuel there is no need to worry because it is readily available in the market. Patio Comfort heaters have non-rust and non-corrosive characteristics that will make them durable for rainy seasons. With a Patio Comfort heater, there is no excuse not to enjoy eating, sitting or reading at your patio during the winter months.

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