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Parasol Umbrellas

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About Parasol Umbrellas

Although the sun can be a major vitamin dispenser, staying exposed to the UV rays of this amazing middle-aged star can be very dangerous to our health. Parasol Umbrellas protect you and your patio furniture from these harmful rays. They have been marketing and manufacturing residential and commercial umbrellas for 20 years. Parasol Umbrellas have developed the finest frame components for heavy-duty, commercial quality use. Each umbrella comes in either an aluminum, powdered-coated steel, or commercial quality hardwood market frame. These can be covered with cotton, nylon, polyester, PVY vinyl, olefin, or Sunbrella acrylic fabrics.

Parasol Umbrellas are known for their custom logoed umbrellas from a variety of industries including the microbrewery industry. Check out the Blue Moon, Campari, Miller Light, Miller Genuine Draft, Fosters, George Killian’s, Molson Ice, Molson Canadian, and Cinzano  Parasol Umbrellas. All of these umbrellas are available in vinyl and offer a 3 positioned tilt featuring a push-up aluminum frame with steel ribs. Additionally, they come in 6 feet in diameter except the Cinzano umbrella, which has a 6 foot and 9 foot model available.

In addition to the custom logoed Parasol Umbrellas, they also offer other various commercial umbrella lines and models, including the Alupro line, V Range wood line, and Palapa line.

Let’s start with the attractive but simple Parasol V-Range Umbrella line. With it’s easy to open pulley lift system and 9 foot diameter canopy it is perfect for any outdoor patio. Not only does it offer a large shade area, it features a beautiful eucalyptus hardwood frame and is available in chili, red, choco, green, and lime.

Secondly, Parasol Umbrellas offers a variety of Palapa style Umbrellas. Each Palapa umbrella is built on a durable aluminum frame and features a multi-rib undercarriage. This festive umbrella comes in various colors and sizes including whiskey, yellow, fuschia, and lime and 6’, 7.6’, and 9’ respectively.

Lastly, Parasol Umbrellas Alupro series offers a sleek modern design and user-friendly functionality that is unlike any other patio umbrella in the world. Coming in at 8 feet in diameter, it is perfect for residential and commercial settings as well as anyone looking for a stylish, fresh look on their patio. It features a contemporary push-up mechanism and is available in lime red, rust, white, and natural colors.

Choose the Parasol that is right for you, an umbrella that bespeaks of your personality. Check out our large selection of Parasol Umbrellas at Patio Products USA, your one stop shop for Patio Umbrellas.