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Nuvo Lighting

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Recognizing a rising demand for energy-efficient lighting, Satco Products, Inc. launched NUVO Lighting in 2005. Satco is a leading-edge producer of lighting and lighting technology and has an unmatched knowledge and understanding of the lighting-fixture market. NUVO Lighting—the result of years of research and development—is not only on the forefront of green technology, but the brand offers both quality and value by providing perfect lighting solutions for residences and businesses.

NUVO Lighting is proud to create decorative lighting fixtures that add elegance to any space while also protecting the environment. NUVO Lighting has almost 600 products that are ENERGY STAR® qualified. In fact, energy efficiency is the founding principle of NUVO Lighting. Want to create a home that uses one quarter the energy of traditional lighting? Try NUVO Lighting's ENERGY STAR fixture program. By seamlessly integrating energy-efficient lighting into your home or business, you'll combat global warming and greatly reduce your utility bills. Not only does NUVO Lighting capture emerging trends in energy conservation, it does so without sacrificing style and beauty. NUVO Lighting offers flicker-free, no-buzz products that produce a color and light that mirrors traditional incandescent lighting, but with a lifespan of over 10,000 hours. NUVO Lighting's achievements have been so impressive it won the 2009 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award.

Whether it’s an incandescent or energy efficient fixture, NUVO Lighting's high-quality products nimbly complement any space by highlighting an established design palette or taking a room from conventional to modern. This flexibility is evident in NUVO Lighting's Bentley Collection, which has echoes of Beaux Arts beauty with its bell-shaped, frosted-glass shades and graceful, arcing silhouettes. From chandeliers and pendants to bar styles and wall sconces, the fixtures in this collection offer a lesson in decorative elegance that remains captivating and modern.

NUVO Lighting offers a range of decorative lighting fixtures that combine the highest quality with the best value. And it continues to lead in energy efficiency technology with unique lighting solutions that are as innovative as they are beautiful. NUVO also values its clients and understands the importance of timely product delivery. NUVO Lighting's Quick Ship program ensures in-stock items ship within 3 to 5 business days. Interest in energy-efficient lighting is growing exponentially, and NUVO Lighting can accommodate demand quickly and efficiently.