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California Umbrella

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About California Umbrella

California Umbrella has been in business for over 65 years, providing high quality commercial and residential Patio Umbrellas. California Umbrella is recognized throughout the United States for its unique innovation and high quality engineering. They are dedicated to providing excellent, creative, and state-of-the-art products to fit all kinds of styles. As a leader in the industry, California Umbrella makes every effort to provide products and services that will please even the most demanding consumer. Their umbrellas are built to give the consumer many years of Patio use and their canopy designs are restricted only to the imagination.

California Umbrella celebrated their 65th year in 2012 by revitalizing and reshaping the brand, paving the way for their next 65 years. As a part of the revitalization, they increased the size of their shades, the performance of their fabrics, and increased the options and products they offer to the consumer.

The California Umbrella collection for home is a celebration of the outdoors, with convenience, value, and performance in mind, so you can enjoy the afternoon and evening outside. They continue to innovate from pioneering the first Collar Tilt umbrella to offering the widest tilt degree of any umbrella on the market. Checkout the EZ lift Umbrella series which offers crank-less, chord-less, and an effort less convenient experience so that you can feel the comfort of shade at the touch of the finger.

Not only do their products help you stay outside longer, they are built to last. California is at their core, with products designed to handle long summer days with harsh wind conditions like that of the Windy Santa Ana. This can be seen throughout their fiberglass products, offering commercial toughness to their flagship Home umbrella series.

New to the California Umbrella Home Collection is the VAST Cantilever series. These dynamic shade structures quickly become the centerpiece of your backyard. Additionally they are beautiful and versatile and can tilt, twist, and turn with ease.

The California Umbrella contract series is designed with commercial use in mind. It is simple, traditional, and built to withstand heave use. This can be seen with their wood market umbrella, which has been upgraded with Marenti Hardwood. Marenti Hardwood is the meeting point of beauty and outstanding performance.

The Contact series also offers premium, high quality Fiberglass umbrellas. California Umbrella makes their fiberglass series with the strongest components in the industry, so you can receive a high quality commercial grade product for an affordable price.

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