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Napoleon 1400PL EPA Medium Wood Burning Stove Reviews

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Bob crestone colorado 2007-11-29

this stove surpasses all my expectations

I live in the Colorado mountains where zero and below temperatures arecommon. I like this stove because unlike others that incinerate the woodthis stove burns it efficiently and all the heat doesn't go up the chimney.It also looks good.[...] What more can I say!

mary grass valley ca 2007-11-30

efficient AND you can cook with it

I use it to heat the house. It is efficient and burns clean. Fires VERY easy to start. Plus you can cook on top of it. I've baked all kinds of things INSIDE in tin foil. Sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, winter squash, even a whole chicken. Just shove the logs to the side or back so that coals/fire does not touch the tin foil. Apples don't take as long, I've incinerated a few of those. But even if you forget and incinerate food it's no big deal because the smoke goes up the flue, not in your house.

CB Pleasant View, CO 2008-01-08

Great Way to Keep Warm

Used to heat large area of house. Heats quickly and holds heat for many hours.

WoodBurner East Texas 2008-03-19

Great Stove

The stove was easy to light and put off a lot of heat for its size. I had coals still putting off heat the next day after burning all night. I got the full glass door and really enjoyed seeing the fire and was pleased at how well it stayed clean as long as the logs did not get too close to the door. The only change I would make would be to add an air damper that could be completly closed.

bamoose2 Concord,NC 2011-11-09

I would buy this product again

I was looking for a bigger stove thinking more heat output.But this little box heats more than I need over 2000 sq.ft.with a handful of poles.No need for a big fire in this stove.Before I bought this stove I used my fireplace,did a little changes in the flu part and looks like i'm going to cut my wood bill to a 1/4 and have better even heat.