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Napoleon GDS50-1N GDS50 Gas Stove Reviews

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rvz22 Florissant, CO 2006-11-26

Nice looking stove, not so nice performa

I bought this stove a few years ago. Purchased the internal blower along with it. It's a great looking stove with a pretty good looking fire for a gas stove. It throws off a lot of hear especially if you turn on the turbo burner located behind the main fire in the back of the stove. Unfortunately there are more numerous bad points to consider. From the beginning the internal blower included in this stove is extremely noisy. And as it aged it got only noisier. The unit is in a family room and from the beginning the noise it generated overpowered anything else in the room going on like a TV or steroe. Unfortunately six months after I purchased it, the temperature sensor which controls the blower went out. Since it was under warranty I got a new part for free from the dealer I purchased it from. About 3 years after I bought the stove the dealer left town and about that time, the blower finally went out. Unfortunately for me, no other Napolean dealers were in town and the nearest one was

Jack Apalachin, NY 2009-01-15

A Wonderful Product

Use the stove to heat our family room. Excellent. The room is 21' X 15' and on the coldest mornings it heats the room in less than 10 minutes. Fortunately, we have local distributor; for those that don't it's too bad that Napoleon won't at least contact people who need help and advice. Overall, the stove rates 4 stars from us.