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American Standard 2083.102 Standard Bathtub With Right Hand Outlet Reviews

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Eric Medway, MA 2008-09-24

2083.102 - Tub is nicely priced but...

It's light weight made it easy to install by myself but beware of the frail and brittle edges. It also tends to scratch easily. I was being careful and I still managed to crack two small corners while moving it around into position. I also dropped a 2x4 accidently into it and scratched it. Over all, nicely priced way below the average but there are some gotchas. Due to it's relatively deep profile, the drain hole to drain latch hole height was about 17". I think this is non-standard and 2" over the standard. I didn't pay attention to this and purchased a standard 15" tub drain kit - that's all the local (HD) hardware store had. I had to rework the kit on my own to get it to fit but you can shop around for larger kits on line. It also doesn't come with any mounting brackets, the instructions suggest screws/nails with washers. I didn't like the idea of nails given how fragile it was so I bent some mirror brackets and put in with screws. Finally, having only done this a couple