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Delta RP40308 6" Vegetable Spray Hose Reviews

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Hank Portland, OR 2009-01-09

A Real Nice Hose

Hose was real nice. Longer than the old one. Real easy hookin' it up, too. Nice 'n smoothe. Old one cracked and leaked water clear down into the basement. Couldn't have that. So we up and ordered the new one. Came in on a Monday. I was busy that day so it sat around a few days. Finally the missus says, "When you gonna hook up that new hose; The basement's gettin' a mite damp." Well, there warn't no sense in puttin' it off so I done hooked it up that very day. Paid off too. Nice hose; no more watery basement; and a happy wife. What more could a feller ask fer.

Mike Methuen Massachusetts 2009-01-18

Better than original

This product is used every day. The hose is a little longer than the original, so it is not as likely to get crimped and split like the original did.