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Grohe 28145 Accessories 79" Duralife Metal Hose Reviews

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Steve San Francisco 2007-11-26

Sturdy, but it has one weakness

This is an extra-long hose, great for larger shower enclosures. The metal jacket is heavy and rugged with a solid feel. Its weight helps it hang straight without tangling. But the weak link is the very end where the spiral metal jacket attaches to the coupling - after about 3 years of daily use it will get metal fatigue from repeated bending and break off. The internal plastic hose still keeps water flowing with no leaks, but the metal jacket slides down and there is no way to repair. My plumbing supply store told me this is a common problem to all these hoses, and I should expect to get a new one every 3 years or so. Not covered under warranty. It needs some kind of rubber or spring-material strain relief designed in at each end to help protect the ends when bent during normal use to fix the problem. But I don't see any other brand made with such a strain relief feature either, and at least it did not leak even after the metal jacket broke. So, I recommend it but don't sugge

Hari Closter,NJ 2008-09-19

The best hose!

This is a replacement hose, I had the same hose for 3 years, using it every day by 5 people in the household. It is a very good one, easy to replace, I will get the same one again and again.

Loves German Plumbing Chicago, IL 2009-08-29

Great Hose, Stays where you put it...

Great hose that stays where you want it and does not reduce the pressure from kinks and bends that a vinyl hose can do. I received better pressure in my 3rd floor walkup (in the city) than I had from the old vinyl hose (same brand) that was wearing out. Now I only have to turn my water volume knob to 20% of the way instead of all the way to get a comfortable flow rate for my shower. (I have separate water flow and temperature controls, which are hands and fee above the normal 1-piece american shower controls where if you want the water hotter, you have to increase the pressure.. quite a silly design.)