Anne At Home 1028 Mai-Oui Thin Pull, 3-1/2" Ctc Reviews

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Gator Fan Gainesvile, FL 2008-01-07

Annie at Home needs to check measurement

The handles are beautiful, though I have 2 complaints regarding fit and sizing. The handles are advertised as 3 1/2" center-to-center, which was imperative in choosing these because I was replacing 40 existing cabinet handles. Unfortunately, the ctc length was actually greater than that by about 1/8". I had to enlarge 80 holes to get them to fit. In addition, the brass fittings protrude so far that it was necessary to add a washer to the handle screw (in some cases, 2 washers), to allow a tight fit in a standard thickness cabinet. Be careful overtightening becuase the pewter handles will bend. They really are beautiful, but I guess the take-away message is to be very cautious when replacing existing handles.