ET2 E20210-08 Hue 1 Light Pendant In Red Gloss Glass Reviews

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msbab Northern California 2011-08-27

Does not look like picture

Unfortunately, you can not really see what these look like until they are hardwired. Had electrician come and install and once illuminated everyone agrees that though size and shape were as shown the pendants had almost no black at the top and it was much more of a "confetti" effect throughout the pendants. They are nice lights but have much more yellowish green veining than expected. Too late to return since they are installed. I will work with them but beware that they are MUCH "busier" and "blotchy" than the photo. Note that the same photo was on the ET2 website .

msbab Northern California 2011-08-31

NOTHING Like the picture

Beware! The pendants look nothing like the pictures on both Homeclick and the Et2 websites. Don't get me wrong they are very nice and a bargain for the huge size and great price. Just was not what I was expecting. The lights are speckled all over with virtually no black. Since they are hard-wired you really couldn't tell until they were already hung and turned on. They are growing on me but understand that the effect is more like very bright confetti of yellows and reds not as shown.