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Napoleon 2100 Timberwolf Economizer EPA Small Wood Burning Stove With Black Door Reviews

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Timbo Slice Georgetown, Colorado 2011-11-12

Timberwolf 2100 wood stove

This is Napaleon's small Timberwolf wood stove? I'd hate to see what the big one looks like. I say that because I was worried about the 2100 being to small and the firebox not holding much. I am at ease now. It is perfect. If you were heating a large room I would get a bigger model, but if you have a smaller room and a smaller house the 2100 is perfect. The heat shield surrounding the stove allows for incredibly closer clearance than a traditional cast iron. I have mine in the corner of the room and it only needs 11" from the stove to the wall! The window is the best feature. The airwash system keeps it clean and my family loves to watch the fire dance. I am honestly burning an 1/8th of the wood I was with my previous stove. It was a cast iron comforter made in 1976. I can't say enough about this stove. The fire bricks lining the fire box will put off heat for hours after the fire has gone out. And depending on the wood your burning you will have hot coals waiting for yo