Saniflo 021 SaniSwift Residential Gray Water Pump Reviews

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TLiu Maryland 2013-03-12

Does the job !!!

I purchased this pump for my shampoo bowl for my hair salon in the basement. Works just fine, pretty loud but its tolerable.

Inrice Canada 2014-01-21

this lovely pump failed after one year

this product was draining my washing machine. The pump had the same performance as the one of the washing machine pump. Time to time the water from the drain overflowed. So I reduce the out flow of the washing machine in order to make the saniswift worked with some stops. After one year the Saniswift broke down and all the water of the washing machine flooded my basement. The installation was made according the specifications. I opened the saniswfit and I discovered a piece of rubber from the check valve blocking the turbine. It is not a long lasting article and when you use such a system you nedd something pretty reliable.

basil Denver colorado 2014-07-29


this is the second saniswift installed according to specifications, both times it failed it was the same thing, the rubber flappers, which are internal, broke off, this is a design flaw. and will continue to cost in plumbing repairs and water damage . Untill saniswift redesigns a new flapper system