Osburn OB01601 1600 High Efficiency EPA Wood Insert Reviews

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Thegoodbyte Albrightsville PA 2010-01-05

Great fireplace insert for a penny

Works great. I was able to heat up my house to 82 degrees (then my wife told me to stop adding the logs :-)) while it was only 8 degrees outside. The only thing I do not like is that it does not have any ash tray and you must let the fire die in order to clean the ashes. Otherwise the blower that comes with it is very powerful.

Eastland Merv Eastland, TX 2010-12-03

A great addition to my log home

It heats my 900 sq ft space on the lowest setting, with outside temps in the low 40's. I burn Oak logs, and one log 16" X 6" diameter last for about 5 hrs, with the damper at it's lowest setting. The fan, however is a little loud