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Brinkmann 810-7080 Gourmet Electric Smoker And Grill Reviews

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Fireman Jim Waxhaw, NC 2010-06-12

Love it...Easy....

I have used gas and charcoal smokers and they are great but this electric Brinkmann is so easy and convenient, not having to continually check the heat so I can leave it for a while and not having to worry about the heat getting too hot or too cold. Low stress.

Underwood Q-er St. Louis, MO 2009-05-19

Best Smoker

Smoker runs around 200-230 degrees Fahrenheight making it a really great smoker. You have to have your wood soaded or otherwise the temperature will get much too over 250. I put some flavor briquettes in with the lava rock that alot of gas smokers used to use. This helps retain heat inside the smoker. I was putting the wood between the lava rock but then had to clean out the ash. So, I drilled four holes in a cast iron box, placed four brass bolts/washers and nuts so that it was right above the heating element (elevated). Then I could place wood in the cast iron box and dump the ash. I also bought a thermometer that is magnet mount that sits on top of the grill rack itself.