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Camp Chef CIPIE10 Cast Iron Pie Pan Reviews

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All reviews for this item:

Silent Rain Ohio 2008-03-14

Will last forever!

I recieved my cast iron pie pan and was thrilled with the appearance and the ease of use. It's just a matter of cooking your pie or whatever else you choose to use it for (meatloaf, etc.) and washing it with hot water and a rag. No need for dish soap as this will remove the seasoning. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great non-breakable piece. It will last a liftime and beyond if taken care of properly.

Dalena Beaumont, TX 2011-01-12

Great Pan

Bought as a gift for my husband who cooks alot. Initially thought as pan for his large pit; however, he used it for cornbread in the oven. It was the best!

Vern Knoxville, Tennessee 2008-11-27

The "Fabulous" pie pan!

If you are used to baking pies in the thin "aluminum pie pans" you will be amazed at the difference this cast iron pan makes. The crust in the aluminum pans tend to be doughy and is always difficult to cook to the point it seems really "done". Not so with the cast iron pie pan! The crust turns out golden brown--SOOOOOOOOOOOO..MUCH BETTER!! I love it!!!

Ole man river Helena, Mt 2008-12-18

I am very happy with this product.

Very happy with pie cooked in this pan as it produces a more even heat, and crust looked great.

Koskoman Mentone, IN 2009-01-30

Must Have

Cast iron is the best material to cook in. This pie pan is great.