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Waste King PM1001 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Legend EZ Mount Garbage Disposer Reviews

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All reviews for this item:

Kah Seattle, WA 2010-09-08

WasteKing Rules

Easy to install and use.

Blad Kansas City 2011-01-05

Review for 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Legend

The product works as well as any cheap disposal. Nothing remarkable. [...]

Dan Central Florida 2011-02-23

Okay For The Money

The 1/2 hp unit(different brand name)that was installed had failed after 11 years of service with no problems. Even though we had good luck with the old one, the reviews were not so good at this time so I bought the Waste King 1001 based on the cost and its reviews. At power up this unit has a metal clang sound caused by the cutter blades as the the machine starts to spin. The unit seems weak even as just water is flowing, will cause the unit to bog down a bit. The overall performance of the unit is average at best. The ease of removing the old unit and installing the new unit and the cost makes this unit Okay. [...]

JOE Boynton Beach, FL 2008-05-20

Great Disposer!!

I had experience with waste king disposers from my own house that I bought about 4 years ago. About 7 months after moving in, the disposer that was in the house stopped working. I did some research for price and reliability and chose a waste king disposer. 3 plus years later, my waste king disposer is still working great. A few months ago, my wife and I separated, she got her own place, and shortly after moving in her disposer went bad. So with my past experience with waste king disposers, I purchased and installed 1 at her place, and she is extremely happy with it. My opinion, waste king disposers are great products and easy to install. J. Iovino

Bob Wilton NY 2008-08-08

9 years use no problems

This is our "electric pig" after ten years it has served our family with no problems; eating everything it should.The only problem so far is that there is a rubber sound baffle that fits a few inches down the throat of the pig. After a couple of years it loses it's shape and falls into the grinding chamber. Replacement is around [$]. But they are difficult to find. Without the baffle the grinding is loud and there is an occasional kickback.