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A Short Guide to Seed Culling

Learn how to sort through and cull your old seeds prior to planting.

Carpentry Tips: Better Performance From Your Screws

If you are supporting shelves, a mirror or anything heavy on a plaster wall, try this tip to get the most hold out of the screws you use.

Carpentry Tips: Easy Nailing

Tired of hammering your finger to the wall? Use this quick carpentry tip for painless, accurate nail hammering.

Composting Leaves and Mulching Leaves

Don't toss those leaves aside! Our master gardener shows how raked leaves can be used as mulch or compost.

Culinary Herbs and Their Uses

Here are some ways you can make the most out of those culinary herbs you grew in your herb garden, like parsley, thyme, basil and cilantro.

Deadheading Annuals - When and Why

Deadheading annuals is important for keeping the garden looking neat and preventing the plant from going to seed.

Flea Beetle Control

Flea beetles can wreak havoc on your garden. Try this flea beetle control method in your garden.

Garden Edging Ideas

Adding edges around garden and landscape features will give your yard a cleaner, sharper look.

Growing Beans: Pole or Bush Beans

When growing beans you have a choice: do you want to bend down or not? Learn the differences between pole beans and bush beans. Happy growing!

Growing Bearded Iris

Growing bearded iris is fun but tricky. Watch and learn how to "divide" this beautiful flower to ensure a healthy, colorful bloom every year.

Growing Cilantro

Cilantro can be a tricky herb to grow. The key to growing cilantro is succession planting. Watch how our Master Gardener ensures a bountiful harvest.

Growing Daffodils

Growing daffodils is easy and fun. Here's a tip you can try to ensure a healthy, beautiful daffodil bloom.

Growing Fennel

Finding fennel can be hard, but growing it is easy! Learn how to grow fennel all season long.

Growing Gladiolas: How to Extend your Gladiola Bloom

Here's a short guide to help you extend the bloom and beauty of your gladiolas.

Growing Hyacinth

Hyacinths are one of the most fragrant springtime flowers. Growing Dutch Hyacinth, one of many hyacinth varieties, is a great garden project.

Growing Pansies for Early Color

Pansies bring an early burst of color to the garden while waiting for later blooms.

Growing Poppies

Growing poppies is a great way to add color to your yard or garden.

Growing Rosemary from Cuttings

Here's a quick and easy technique for growing rosemary. By selective cutting and timely planting, you can quickly add rosemary to your herb garden.

Growing Sugar Snap Peas

Harvest sugar snap peas at the right time, or they'll get starchy and bland. Here's a quick tip on growing sugar snap peas.

Growing Tomatillos

Growing Tomatillos is a fun vegetable gardening project. Here are some tips for growing and harvesting tomatillos in your garden.

Harvesting Broccoli

Harvesting broccoli should be done before the florets start to separate. Watch and learn the best way to harvest broccoli in your garden.

Hens and Chicks

Learn how hen and chicks perennials are a low maintenance addition to the garden.

How to Build a Bench

A sturdy bench can find many uses in your home. Building a bench is also a fun woodworking project.

How To Build A Birdhouse

Fill your yard with chirping birds and wake up to nature's songs! Follow this guide on how to build a birdhouse for House Sparrows.

How to Build a Cabinet

Make the most of your storage space by building a customized cabinet perfectly suited to your space and storage needs.

How to Build a Candle Holder

Candle holders are wonderful accent and décor pieces. Learn how to build your own!

How to Build a Chair

A chair is an essential piece of furniture. Here's how to build a chair that will last you for years to come.

How to Build a Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a versatile furniture piece perfect for storage and showing off your style.

How to Build a Coffee Table

Step up your woodworking game and give this coffee table DIY project a try.

How to Build a Compost Bin

A compost bin is an outdoor container used to produce organic compost for your garden. Learn how to build a compost bin.

How to Build a Desk

Customizing a desk brings great aesthetics to any space, big or small.

How to Build a Dog House

This dog house DIY is suitable for small or medium-sized dogs.

How to Build a Drawer

A drawer gives you a handy storage place for everything from personal items to important documents.

How to Build a Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are incredibly easy to build and enhance your backyard atmosphere.

How to Build a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands create counter space and a focal point in the kitchen. Learn how to build a kitchen island for your home.

How to Build a Planter Box

A wood planting box makes it easy to garden on a patio, deck or almost anywhere there's sun.

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds make gardening easy and look great.

How to Build a Ramp

Ramps are essential features in accessible homes and accessible design.

How to Build a Sawhorse

A Sawhorse is a woodworking apparatus used to support a board or plank for sawing. Save money and build your own!

How to Build a Shoe Rack

Storing footwear on a shoe rack will keep your closets and entryways neat and well organized.

How to Build a Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is essential for big families and/or small entryways. Here’s a good guide on how to build a shoe rack.

How to Build a Storage Cabinet

Storage is a common concern when dealing with space optimization. Here is a simple way to build a storage cabinet for your home.

How to Build a Table

Building a table is a great way to hone those woodworking skills.

How to Build a Toy Chest

Learn how to build a Toy Chest to keep playrooms and kid's rooms neat and tidy.

How to Build a Wardrobe Cabinet

Build your own wardrobe cabinet for a tidier bedroom space.

How to Build a Wine Rack

A wine rack is a convenient and attractive way to store bottled wine.

How to Build Floating Shelves

Floating shelves open up lots of creative possibilities for decorating your home. Here's how to build floating shelves for any room in your home.

How to Build Ladder Shelves

the best storage solutions are creative and unexpected. These ladder shelves add lovely lines and storage space to any room.

How to Care for Spring Shrubs

Shrubs that bloom in the spring can be pruned after they finish flowering. Follow these steps to get the most bloom from your spring shrubs every year.

How to Clean an Air Conditioner

Keeping your air conditioner clean and in good working order will extend its life and protect your health.

How to Clean Silverware

Dishwasher detergents leave deposits and other elements that accumulate on your silverware. Here's how to clean silverware the fool-proof way.

How to Clean Tools

Tools get get grubby, grimy and dirty over time. Here is how to clean tools in an easy and cheap way.

How to Cut a Tile

Home renovations and decorating projects often include tile work. Here's how to cut using a very basic tool -- your angle grinder.

How to Dethatch a Lawn

A beautiful lawn takes time and effort. Here's how to dethatch a lawn to keep it healthy and green .

How to Dry Flowers

Drying flowers is a great way to preserve their color and beauty. Learn how to dry flowers using just a few materials.

How to Extend the Life of Paintbrushes

Save money on paintbrushes by using this trick to extend their life.

How to Fix a Clogged Sink

An effective and chemical-free way to clear a clogged drain and fix a clogged sink.

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

Here's how to fix a hole in the wall and get that damaged drywall back to a presentable state.

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet is annoying to listen to and a waste of water and money.

How to Fix a Loose Screw

Over time, screws can come loose. This quick and easy tip will help tighten that screw back into place.

How to Fix a Slow Drain

If your drains are clearing slowly, follow these environmentally-friendly steps.

How to Freeze Corn

To enjoy fresh corn all year round, consider freezing it.

How to Freeze Herbs

Freezing fresh herbs is the best way to keep your winter dishes flavorful and colorful. Here's how to freeze herbs picked from your herb garden.

How to Grow Amaryllis

Amaryllis is easy to grow indoors during the Winter or colder months. Find out how to grow amaryllis in your home.

How to Grow Beets

Beets are a nutritious root vegetable that keep long after harvest.

How to Grow Mint

Mint is great in hot and cold drinks, not to mention many main and side dishes. And growing mint is easy! Learn how to grow mint in your garden.

How to Grow Onions

Onions are a great vegetable for the almost any garden, as they will grow almost anywhere. Learn how to grow onions in your garden.

How to Grow Paperwhites

Paperwhites add beauty to any space. Learn how to grow paperwhites indoors.

How to Grow Plants from Seeds

You can grow many interesting varieties of plants and flowers from seed. Up your garden game!

How to Grow Raspberries - Fall Raspberries

Raspberries can yield their berries in both the summer and in the fall. Here are some tips on how to grow raspberries for the fall season.

How to Grow Tomatoes: 3 Support Options

To get the best harvest from your tomato plants, it's important to give them the right support. Here how to grow tomatoes with three support options.

How to Hang a Door

Hanging a door is a relatively simple task as long as it is done correctly. Here's how to hang a door in your home.

How to Hang a Mirror

A hanging wall mirror adds style and a sense of space to a room.

How to Hang a Picture

Pictures and artwork are essential to complete the décor of a room.

How to Harvest Lettuce

Here's how to harvest lettuce three easy ways.

How To Harvest Squash Blossoms

The male squash blossom flower can be prepared any number of ways to make a tasty treat.

How to Install a Doorbell

Doorbell installation is a simple project requiring little time or expertise.

How to Install a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal units make kitchen clean up a breeze.

How to Install a Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet provides crucial storage space for the bathroom.

How to Install a Motion Sensor Light

Security and protection play an important role in today’s home. Here's how to install a motion sensor light for your home.

How to Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can save you money on your bills. Here's how to install one.

How to Install a Split Rail Fence

Installing a split rail fence is an great way to add character to a yard. Here's how to install a split rail fence in your yard.

How to Install a Storm Door

A storm door provides energy efficiency, weather-resistance, aesthetics and peace of mind.

How to Install a Tile Backsplash

A tile kitchen backsplash is a great way to add value and style to the kitchen space.

How to Install a Toilet

Learn how to replace or install a toilet and save money.

How to Install a Towel Bar

Towel bars not only improve the look of your bathroom, but they also are handy.

How to Install a Water Filter

A below-the-sink water filter provides clean, filtered water for the home.

How to Install a Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are inexpensive and easy to operate. Here's how to install a window air conditioner.

How to Install a Wireless Doorbell

Wireless doorbells are convenient and easy to install.

How to Keep Track of Gardening Tools

This easy-to-follow tip will ensure that you never lose track of tools in the garden.

How to Make a Bookshelf

Building a bookshelf is an exciting DIY to undertake.

How to Make a Bouquet

Here are some simple tips on how to make a bouquet. Put all those beautiful flowers to good use!

How to Make a Room Divider

Room dividers let you create separate activity areas within a larger space. Here's how to make a room divider using stacked storage cubes.

How to Make a Stool

A wooden stool can be a functional and attractive addition to your home or workshop.

How to Make a Wooden Box

This mahogany storage box features finger joints and a simple manila rope for easy carrying. Learn how to make a wooden box in just a few hours.

How to Make Bread and Butter Pickles

There are many types of pickles, and everyone has their favorites. Watch how to make break and butter pickles using fresh cucumbers from your garden.

How to Paint a Door - Preparation

Here's how to protect oddly-shaped objects like doorknobs from paint splatter.

How to Paint a Room

A new color or fresh coat of paint can do wonders to a room. Here's how to paint a room like a pro.

How to Paint Metal

A good coat of paint is one of the best ways to protect metal fixtures and furnishings from rust and corrosion. Read on to learn how to paint metal.

How to Pickle Cucumbers

There are two main types of cucumbers - pickling cucumbers and slicing cucumbers. Learn how to pickle cucumbers using both varieties.

How to Plant Garlic

The best time to plant garlic is in the Fall. Be sure to pick out the right variety for your growing zone.

How to Plant Shrubs

Shrubs are wonderful additions to your yard and outdoor spaces. Here's how to plant shrubs with ease.

How to Prepare a Room for Painting

The difference between a good painting job and a bad painting job is the preparation.

How to Prepare Seedlings for Outdoor Transplant

As you get ready to transplant your seedlings outdoors, try this professional tip.

How to Prepare Your Garden for the Spring and Summer

A successful garden begins with a healthy dose of preparation before planting.

How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Dipping winter temperatures can cause pipes to freeze. Follow these steps to prevent pipes from freezing in your home.

How to Prevent Unplugged Extension Cords

This pro tip will help prevent your extension cords from coming unplugged when using power tools and other appliances around the home.

How to Protect Your Fixtures

Your kitchen and bath fixtures have nice, clean finishes that can damage easily. Here's how to protect your fixtures when doing repairs or installs.

How to Protect Your Paintbrushes

This simple trick will protect your paintbrushes in between projects.

How to Refinish Wood

Wood furniture and wood surfaces can become discolored, faded and worn. Here's how to refinish wood and bring it back to a healthy, new-looking state.

How to Remove Carpet

All carpets eventually succumb to wear and tear. Here's how to remove carpet to make way for something new.

How to Remove Tape without Damaging Finish

Watch how to remove tape without damaging the finish.

How to Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper can become dated, torn or faded. Here's how to remove wallpaper to make room for something better.

How to Remove Wallpaper - Alternative Version (Green)

Here's an alternative way to remove wallpaper without caustic chemicals.

How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet

Replacing a bathroom faucet is an easy way to breath new life into the space.

How to Replace a Ceiling Fan

Learn how to replace your outdated or broken ceiling fans.

How to Replace a Ceiling Light

Follow this simple DIY to update your ceiling light fixtures.

How to Replace a Doorknob and Lockset

Replace the doorknob & lockset of a door to enhance the security & look of the home.

How to Replace a Shower Head

A new shower head can improve water pressure and update the look of your bathroom.

How to Replace a Smoke Detector

Modern smoke alarms are more reliable and install in minutes.

How to Replace an Electrical Outlet

Old or substandard outlets can be an accident waiting to happen. Learn how to replace electrical outlets in your home.

How to Replace an Outdoor Lighting Fixture

A new outdoor lighting fixture is a great way to give your outdoor spaces a new, brighter look.

How to Replace Your Cabinet Pulls

A quick and inexpensive way to update your kitchen cabinets.

How to Revive Hanging Baskets

If those hanging baskets you bought in the spring start to look bedraggled, try these simple tricks to bring them back to life.

How to Roast Tomatoes

Roasting intensifies the flavor of vegetables, especially tomatoes. Here's how to roast tomatoes in your oven.

How to Sand Wood

Finishing is an important part of every woodworking project, and a good finish requires proper sanding. Follow this basic guide on how to sand wood.

How to Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades

Sharpen your garbage disposal blades to keep the unit working in tip top shape.

How to Stain Wood

Staining wood lets you customize the look of your woodworking projects to match your home's decor.

How to Store Carrots and Beets

Properly storing your carrots and beets will keep you eating fresh vegetables well into the Winter months.

How to Store Squash and Pumpkins

Squash and pumpkins will keep longer in specific conditions. Here's how to store squash and pumpkins for the Winter.

How to Store Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes need to be harvested before or right after the first light frost. Learn how to store sweet potatoes to enjoy in the months ahead.

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

A functioning garbage disposal makes for a happier kitchen!

How to Use a Caulk Gun

Learn how to use a caulking gun to seal joints and fill gaps.

How to Use a Circular Saw

A circular saw is an essential tool for an aspiring builder or woodworker.

How to Use a Hammer Drill

Hammer drills are often used for drilling holes in concrete. Some are also used for inserting or removing screws.

How to Use a Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a handheld power tool mainly used to cut curves.

How to Use a Sander

Wood can be sanded by hand or with an electric sander. Types of power sanders including belt, orbital, mouse and sheet. Here’s how to use a sander.

How to Use an Angle Grinder

Here’s how to use an angle grinder to cut tiles or metals, sharpen blades and grind down many kinds of materials.

How to Use Peat Pellets

Peat pellets (pots) are perfect for flowers that need a head start before transplant.

How to Use Soap to Improve Screws and Drawer Slides

Soap is a great solution for better screw performance and drawer sliding.

How to Use Wood Putty

Wood putty makes it easy to repair holes, dents and chips that can mar the beauty of a natural wood surface.

How to Varnish Wood

Woodworking projects look their best when they have a great finish. Here's how to varnish wood, a popular choice for its transparency and longevity.

Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing under cabinet lighting is useful in kitchens, bathrooms, closets and workshops.

Mulch Types and Their Uses

Mulch is an essential tool for the gardener/landscaper. But there are number of mulch types, so pick the right mulch for the application.

Painting Concrete

When renovating or remodelling a home, knowing how to paint concrete is essential.

Perennial Garden Design - Adding Annuals

Adding annuals to perennial gardens is one way to ensure color all summer long. This perennial garden design tip comes with some caveats, however.

Planting Daffodils

The Fall is the best time to be planting daffodils. Here's how to plant daffodils in your lawn or garden.

Planting Tulips

Fall is a great time to plant tulips to ensure a beautiful springtime bloom.

Pruning Lilacs

Lilacs will look their best when treated to proper pruning. Pruning lilacs does not require special talent or tools, just patience!

Pruning Tomatoes

Pruning tomatoes is essential when growing tomatoes from a single support to control growth and maximize their output of fruit, not foliage.

Reviving Your Herb Garden

By late summer, most herbs are past their prime. Learn how you can revive your herb garden and enjoy fresh growth long into the Fall.

Sedum Autumn Joy - Growing Tips

Autumn Joy is a popular variety of sedum. Here are some vital tips to keeping your Sedum Autumn Joy looking its best.

Shade Plants and How to Keep Them Cool

Some plants and vegetables like broccoli and arugula don't do well in the heat. Here's how to cool off cool weather shade plants.

Sheet Composting

A great garden starts with great soil! Learn how to add valuable nutrients to your soil by sheet composting.

Summer Garden Tips

Want to grow your greens all summer? Here are some summer garden tips that will have your garden producing delicious greens well into the Fall.

Summer Salad Ideas: Use Herbs

Need some summer salad ideas? A dash of fresh herbs from your garden will do wonders to liven up a summer salad.

Tomato Blight Treatment

Tomato blight can be difficult to deal with. Here are some tips for tomato blight treatment in your garden.

Tool Tips: How to Remove a Nail

Learn how to remove a nail without damaging a surface or finish.

Transplanting Seedlings: How to Prepare Seedlings for Outdoor Transplant

Prepare your seedlings for transplant outdoors to help ensure they thrive.

Types of Lilies and How to Grow Them

Lilies are easy to grow. By planting a few different types of lilies you can have flowers blooming in your garden all summer long.

Weed Identification and Fall Weeding

Many weeds wait until Fall to produce seeds. Here are some weed identification tips to use around the lawn and garden in the Fall to manage weeds.

When to Harvest Cauliflower

Each cauliflower plant grows one head of cauliflower. Look for these signs to know when to harvest cauliflower.

When to Harvest Onions

Onions are typically ready for harvest around late summer. Learn how to harvest onions and how to dry and store them for the winter.

When to Harvest Potatoes

Harvesting potatoes can happen at a couple different intervals as they grow. Watch the video to find out when to harvest potatoes in your garden.