TOTO TEC1DS-GY Wi Touch Wireless Faucet Controller

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TOTO Wi Touch Wireless Faucet Controller

DC powered Wireless Controller and remote pedal, for use with non - self closing kitchen and lavatory faucets. The valve controller itself is easy to install and is placed in - line beyond the manual inlet valves and prior to the faucet lines. After installation simply leave the faucet in the "ON" position and tap the Wi - touch pedal; the controller turns on the supply of water to the faucet at the preset temperature (dictated by the manual valve / s on the faucet). Wi - touch pedal can be placed in a viarity of places up to 3 meters away allowing for hands free operation: elbow, knee, hip, or foot "ON / OFF" control.

Key Features

  • Battery - powered wireless faucet controller that very easy to install
  • Allows hands - free operation
  • Simply press the control to turn water on and off
  • Remote can be placed anywhere within a radius of 3 feet from control box, like for foot, hip or elbow control
  • Can be added to virtually any manual bath or kitchen faucet

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