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Homeclick Lighting & Furniture Showroom

Located in Howell, NJ

Online shopping has its advantages, but there's nothing like the tactile experience of walking into a store and putting your hands on a product before buying it. Or in the case of lighting, seeing the fixture actually illuminate a room. In the Homeclick Lighting & Furniture Showroom in Howell, NJ, customers and clients can do just that. The Homeclick Lighting & Furniture Showroom is home to over 350 different lighting products from 20 different brands, including pieces from Schonbek, Fine Art Lamps, Hudson Valley, Corbett, Visual Comforts and more. To walk into the store is to be dazzled instantly by the array of glowing, glimmering and shimmering fixtures for all rooms in the home.

Lest you become overwhelmed by the choices, we have a knowledgeable staff on hand to guide you through the options. How knowledgeable? Lead Design Consultant Jim Gardner brings over 25 years of lighting experience to the Showroom floor. His reputation in the New Jersey design community precedes him and is eclipsed only by his understanding of residential lighting. Jim and his equally-talented staff are on-hand and happy to assist in your Showroom experience, where you'll find a price guarantee and the lowest pricing on lighting around.


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Street Address: 6531 US Highway 9
City: Howell, NJ
Zip Code: 07731
Phone: (732) 961-6700
Hours of operation:
Sunday: 11-4
Monday thru Thursday: 10-6
Friday: 10-2
Saturday: Closed