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Saniflo makes it possible to install a bathroom in your home even if it's not possible to install conventional plumbing with a traditional gravity flow system. With Saniflo, you can turn a small closet, wasted space under the stairs, or a section of your basement into an extra bathroom with Saniflo toilets. Saniflo toilets use a unique macerating system which consists of a rotating blade that will liquefy wastes and toilet paper before pumping into a sanitary sewer.

Saniflo was originally called Sanitary For All, but changed its name in January of 2004. The company is the North American subsidiary of a French Multinational company with factories in Paris and Marseille. Saniflo's product line consists of Saniflo toilets, macerating systems, and pumps: Sanibest, Sanigrind, Saniplus, Sanipack, Sanistar, Sanivite, Sanishower, Saniswift and Sanicompact.

Certified testing laboratories around the world have tested and used Saniflo toilets, including NATO, Oceanographic Institute, Atomic Energy Authorities, Military camps and more. They meet all required certifications and macerating pump standards and plumbing codes. Saniflo toilets, pumps and macerating systems are simple to install, which has lead to their commercial use in addition to their residential use. Saniflo is often found in motels, bed and breakfasts, factories and restaurants.

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Saniflo Best Sellers

Saniflo 023

Sanicompact 48 One Piece Toilet with Macerator

From: $829.60
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Saniflo saniplus-EIWH

Saniplus Two Piece Elongated Toilet with Macerating Pump

From: $985.15
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Saniflo sanibest-EIWH

Sanibest Two Piece Elongated Toilet with Sanibest Grinder Pump

From: $1152.60
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Saniflo saniplus-MP

Saniplus Two Piece Round Toilet with Macerating Pump

From: $956.25
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Saniflo sanitop-EG

Sanitop Two Piece Elongated Toilet with Macerating Pump

From: $885.70
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Saniflo sanitop-RD

Sanitop Two Piece Round Toilet with Macerating Pump

From: $856.80
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Saniflo 012

Sanistar Wall Hung Macerating Toilet

From: $1082.90
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Saniflo sanibest-RB

Sanibest Two Piece Round Bowl Toilet with Sanibest Grinder Pump

From: $1123.70
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Saniflo 010

Sanishower Gray Water Pump for Shower Stall

From: $283.90
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Saniflo 030

Extension Pipe 15.75" Long, 4" Wide with a 5" Bell Housing

From: $46.75
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Saniflo 014

Sanigrind Pro Grinder Pump for Use with North American Toilets

From: $896.75
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Saniflo 021

SaniSwift Residential Gray Water Pump

From: $232.05
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Saniflo 002

Saniplus Macerating Pump Only

From: $729.30
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Saniflo 013

Sanibest Pro Grinder Pump Only

From: $896.75
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Saniflo sanitop-MP

Sanitop Macerating Pump in White

From: $629.85
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Saniflo 029

Sanicubic Classic

From: $2639.25
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Additional bathrooms without major construction

There was a time when installing a toilet in a basement or on certain parts of a property meant extensive plumbing and renovation work. Saniflo's macerating and upflush toilets have put an end to toilet install limitations and expensive bathroom add-ons. Saniflo toilets are ideal for bathroom addition projects that aren't conducive to a traditional toilet - like the basement or an in-law apartment half bath.

How do Saniflo macerating toilets work? The macerating pumping system has a rotating blade that liquefies waste and toilet paper before pumping it into the sewer. When you flush the toilet, a motor concealed inside a macerating tank attached to the toilet powers the blade, which immediately turns on and grinds waste into particles in three to four seconds. This means that the toilets do not require large discharge lines. In fact, all that is required is a 3/4-inch diameter discharge pipe. The toilets also use above-ground plumbing technology, so you won't have to break ground on extensive (and expensive!) digging in order to set up one of these toilets.

If you're concerned about the aesthetics of having a macerating tank attached to your toilet, don't worry - Saniflo now offers extension pipes so you can install the macerating tank behind the toilet or even on the other side of your wall. The only visible part of the toilet is the bowl and seat. Saves space, too!

Or you can opt for a model with the macerating system built in. You'll hardly tell the difference between these one-piece Saniflo products and a traditional toilet - the macerating system hides right in the toilet seat/bowl unit, blending in perfectly.

Saniflo toilets come in both wall-hung and traditional models. Browse all Saniflo toilets and macerating toilets on and select the perfect one for your no-hassle bathroom today.