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Danze D461160 Showerhead 6" Square Sunflower Showerhead Reviews

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Sandy, the plumber Meriden, CT 2008-01-04

Good performance...Matches Sirius set

This is a beautiful plumming fixture, as are all of the Danze "Sirius" units. It works well, but my only negative comment would be that if you have an issue with low or variable water pressure like I do this might not be the best choice. I had temporarliy installed an inexpensive Moen "pancake style" rain showerhead (approx $20) while I waited for this unit to be shipped. The Moen head was far less sensitve to water pressure changes and gave a better "rain" effect with my lower pressure system. (I am adding a booster pump to my water system to correct this problem).

St. Carrollton, TX 2007-02-22

Dance in the shower with this Danze!

Way cool! You wake up turn on the shower and each individual opening shoots water directly out and with the same level of force. No dripping edges or areas that don't provide water flow. Uses a small amount of water (2.5 GPM) yet it gives a great drenching feeling. Only love gets better!