American Standard R110SS Pressure Balance Rough Valve Body With Screwdriver Stops Reviews

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master suite addition charlotte, nc 2007-02-27

had to disassemble

plumber had to disassemble the item because it was leaking. he probably wasted 2-4 hours of time, that i paid for, troubleshooting this problem.

ShowerFrustration Virginia, United States 2014-11-16

Works almost too well

Okay...we built our home in 2010. It's wonderful and we have all American Standard faucets, shower, toilet etc. The real complaint is that our downstairs shower valve (anti-scald) keeps "popping". Meaning the water is coming out hot and then it "pops" not allowing you to continue to turn the water to hot. It's like there is a brick wall in the handle. The first time it did it (two winters ago), we replaced the valve - no big deal and we went on with life. The next year, it "popped" again and we replaced it. Again, not a big deal thinking it's keeping us safe. However, it has now done it for a third time and third year in a row. Now we have to replace it again. It's getting expensive. The upstairs shower has the exact same head/hardware/valves and we've never had a problem. So although the anti-scald thing is great, for some reason it overdoes it's job on our downstairs shower. Yes, I still recommend it for the safety feature but this is the last time I'm replacing it. It does it again