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American Standard 4503.115 Deluxe Kitchen Sink Liquid Soap Dispenser Reviews

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lexdiver Corona, CA 2010-08-15

Repair parts not available

They do not sell a replacement pump

Snoman Ottawa, ON 2010-10-15

Poor design. Time for a recall.

I followed the cleaning instructions provided in response to a previous customer's complaint. It barely can pump the recommended hot water and it occasionally blows bubbles rather than producing a solid liquid stream. As suggested, I have been using a pure liquid soap with no micro-beads. It worked fine for the first six months after we got it, but then it became a headache to restart whenever it lost its prime. Now it just doesn't work at all. I suspect that there is a leak somewhere that lets air in and prevents adequate suction. Based on the fact that all customer feedback is complaining about the same thing, it is time for American Standard to recall and replace these. This product just does not meet the quality I expect from them.

MLB Fort Lauderdale 2010-10-30

It quit working after 5 months

Loved the dispenser when the sink was first bought six months ago. It worked great. Then all of the sudden soap would not come out even though cannister was full and we would pump numerous times. Took it apart, put it back together, soaked in hot water, did everything that the expert below suggested, to no avail. I need to know what I should do now, as I need one that works. Do I take it back to [...] where I bought the sink?

Tony MA 2011-03-04

Dispenser leaks

My soap dispenser leaks... have a soap mess under the sink. I initially followed installation instruction.. since them, cleaned and removed everything and do not see a seal of any kind on the bottle or dispenser.. Have no problems with the pump... getting soap, but so is bottom of my sink... any thoughts

Anonymous New Milford, CT 2012-07-02


This was the closes replacement soap dispenser I could find for the affordable price. Works great and the price was perfect. I would prefer to have nosal thicker and sort of rectangular design so you could push on nosal if you needed soap, like the original one. With this design you are forced to push on very top of plunger.

Tom Akron, Ohio 2010-08-28

I wish worked as good as it looks.

The unit came with the sink in 2005. It has never worked since installed, as I can prime it with water, then load into the resevoir and pump soap, but an hour later it pumps nothing. I've cleaned the unit, thinned the soap, shorten the straw 1/4" but all to no avail. It simply has never wanted to pump soap.

Renovate Chris Naples, Florida 2010-06-23

Reliability uneven.

I have two of these dispensers in my for each sink. One is reliable, pumps easily, and has been working every day for five years. The other one gets little use and is always a nuisance. It will not pump, it clogs easily, is impossible to clean and flush the nozzle. That's why I'm buying a replacement and hoping it performs better. I would not recommend this product and I would not repurchase it again if I were'nt so heavily invested in the American Standard product line in my other fixtures. A 50% performance rating is pretty out of two failed to perform. And, this is not a low priced fixture to replace! If you're redoing a kitchen as did we...dump the dispenser and find an alternative.

GBAS NJ 2013-06-14

Great Product

love the product. works great. looks awesome. recommed to everyone

Anja Lancaster, PA 2008-11-03

Looks and Works Great

Works great