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The Holland Grill HGG421811 Vintage Backyard Grill Reviews

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Gregors53 North Texas 2014-07-18

Holland Grill Believer

This is my second Holland Grill and it will not be my last. Except when I have the big smoke fired up, all my hot meals are cooked on the Holland Grill. Once you use a Holland Grill, you'll have a hard time cooking on anything else!

melvis66 Southwestern New York State, small town 2014-10-12

Great purchase

Great grill. Works differently from regular grills - definitely watch all the videos on the Holland website before "grilling". There is a learning curve to figure out cooking times when doing normal grilling - like burgers or chicken pieces. Overall, great purchase, but grill is a bit pricey if you aren't a frequent griller. NOTE: The videos all say close the grll and leave it. But do not hesitate to check your food, especially when you first get the grill. That's part of the learning curve.

Starvin Marvin Council Bluffs Iowa 2015-03-08

One grill that does it all !

This is my second Holland grill in 16 years.Icook everything on it.Steam bake and grill.It,s more like an oven that grills! It takes a little longer to grill your food,because the it cooks at 400 degrees.Has one burner no flare ups.I use mine year round.Good warrenty great customer service1