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Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan Reviews

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homeowner sunnvale, ca 2013-10-14

WhisperCeiling 110 CFM

bathroom ventilation does it all from bathing steam and non-pleasing bathroom odors.

building my dream home seattle wa 2014-03-07

love homeclick

I have installed the unit, but since it's part of a bigger remodel we have not used it yet. Installation was straightforward and simple.

asapReps Katy, TX, USA 2013-09-06

no longer whisper quiet like it used to be

Fan was installed in ceiling of 1st floor master bath shower (2 story house) in Aug 2012 to replace a noisy and lower CFM Broan fan of 16 yrs. It was really quiet at first, then slowly started to get louder, no motor hum, or vibration, just wind noise. I recently got up on a ladder and removed the cover and saw that the squirrel cage "blades" were pretty well caked with dust. So it appears that the noise is due to build-up on the blades. I have tried cleaning the blades but there are a lot of them and I haven't found a real good brush that will get between them and also deep enough to clean them. A toothbrush doesn't cut it. Panasonic's tech support says the whole motor assembly will drop out of the case, and that will make it easy to clean the cage. I have yet to try it. I was hoping this fan was going to be less maintenance than the previous one, but I can now see it is possibly going to be more. It is a great fan, but it would have been nice to be informed that it could also be hig

p Undisclosed 2012-10-13

Bad Choice

The unit lite has a long warm up, color temp is too cool, the lamp is not easily aquired and specific to this unit and is not as effecient as an LED which has a universal edison base. Also, could not compare fan hoise since SONS were not displayed.

maincity Timmins, ON 2013-02-27

Great ventilation and whisper quiet

Just installed this model bathroom fan in Feb.2013. This unit is unbelievably quiet compared to many ventillation fans I've owned and heard in the past. The unit is a little pricier than average, but I do believe Panasonic make a superior quality product. This unit is well built with heavy duty components and was simple enough to install, only minor modifications were required to retrofit this newer fan into my existing bathroom. Original fan was a 70cfm with 8x8 opening in the ceilling. Removed existing unit, modified opening, installed new fan and ran new vent piping and outside vent cap in approx. 3 hours. I am not a tradesman or contractor, but do know basic construction and handy man duties. Hope this review helps.

Nux Santa Rosa, CA 2014-11-17

Super Quiet

We selected this fan: 1) Simple design 2) Quiet 3) recommended to us. We had it installed 3 months ago and it works beautifully.