ET2 E41037-SA Eco Task 45"H LED Table Lamp In Satin Aluminum Reviews

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Fiat Lux! Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA 2014-02-07

More amazing than the picture

This was a gift to my husband. He doesn't like a lot of bright light (unlike me); I think it makes watching his smartphone or tablet difficult (due to reflection). I assembled it (EASY!!) in a few seconds and when he came home, I waited for him to see the "new lamp" on the bedstand. He was impressed. He uses it nightly. It's very easy to adjust and has a looooong reach. The base is VERY heavy, so no danger of the lamp tipping over; you can tighten the joints of the arm segments as you please, so they hold rock steady wherever you position them. As I said, my husband likes a DIM light and it is DIM--NOT good for a task light, even though that's the name of the lamp (Eco Task), and it seems designed more for an office than a "boudoir." However it looks great in our contemporary, minimalist bedroom décor. My only concern is how long those LED bulbs will last, because you canNOT replace them yourself. They're built into the arm. You'll have to take the lamp to get serviced to ha