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Classy Caps SL079C Prestige 4" X 4" PVC Solar Post Cap In Copper Reviews

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Rick Macedon, NY 2013-07-25

Gorgeous Long Lasting

These lights are replacements for cheaper ones I'd installed on my new pool deck which is 16' X 20'. They are absolutely beautiful and last all night long with a full day's worth of sun charging them. My one and only complaint is that, during a windy rain storm we'd had recently, one of the tops had blown off and fell right into the pool. I hadn't noticed until that night when gazing out at the pool and realized on light was out. When I realized it was at the bottom of the pool, I immediately pulled it out and drying it promptly, removing the batteries and praying for the no avail. Now I need to replace a single light and unfortunately, it's not a cheap replacement. I'm bummed about that, but I LOVE these lights. Very classy looking and bright!

Nick G Canton, OH 2013-10-15

Overall a great prodcut

I am very happy

Cheryl Portland, oregon 2015-04-20

Classy light pole caps!

I had an above ground planter box built with five posts with the copper light caps installed. The lighting is the highlight of the project. I love them.