Exaco AQ-110 Aeroquick Compost Bin In Green Reviews

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K Paul Indiana 2013-07-16

Good basic bin composter

If you are considering this compost bin because of raccoon problems you will be disappointed. (If only they could use their intelligence and incredible dexterity towards good!) I decided to take a chance because one of the descriptions actually mentioned "raccoons" by name. It took them all of one night to figure out how to unlatch the lid. However for the last week at least I am the victor. Using eye bolts and brass clips I secured the lid and bottom doors in a way that allows me to open and close them with one hand but that the raccoons have not been able to master. Now the positives. The unit is very thick and sturdy plastic compared to many. The design is simple and it was easy to assemble which is good since the instructions are rudimentary. It is large enough to get the mass needed to create heat although I do not know yet if the fancy spacers in the walls actually make a difference in its efficiency and I hope it will work well in cold weather as the description seems to sugges