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The Holland Grill HGG421705 Apex Gas Grill Reviews

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Smokey Ray Virginia 2013-07-26

One Temperature Setting?

We won this model as a sales incentive from my place of work. We HATE this product, and will soon give it away. There is no way to sear meat, since it has only one temperature, which happens to be low. This means that it takes over an hour to cook hamburgers, and dont even think about cooking veggies. They will be limp since they do not get hot enough to get a nice grill mark or sear. Wood chips wont stay lit in the smoker box, not enough air curculates it it to keep a flame ignited. I had better luck with sawdust, however. When this website explains this product as "unique", this is code for "crummy". Save your money, and buy from another manufacturer. Put a grate over a metal trashcan, you will have better results, I guarentee it!