Coaster Furniture 600229 Casual Leatherette Swivel Recliner Reviews

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Farley Boston, MA 2013-01-09

Comfortable with annoyances

Assembly normally would be easy; every nut and bolt is supplied, and even the tools needed. I give product design 4.25 stars-- the small footprint of this very comfortable recliner is a godsend in small condos. I'll be getting another. The often repeated review point about the footrest locking lever is confirmed here-- it takes more than average force to lock the footrest in the upright position-- this is not user-friendly and needs a rework. In addition, it can't be called a footrest-- it is a legrest. Feet on taller folks (I'm at 6 feet) will dangle. Would love to see an engineering update with four more inches on the rest to make this design a perfect 5 stars. I'd pay $25.00 more for these enhancements-- this is the only contemporary budget recliner in this price point I can find. User note: This user is currently 250 pounds and the chair holds him fine. Heavier customers could have an issue, and the legrest might be the first part to go. Anyone over 250 or so should probably lo