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Chasco Designs 4751-H Vanity Swivel Mirror In Honey Reviews

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Cress Los Angeles, CA 2014-02-19

Piece of junk

If I didn't need this in a hurry for my jewelry vending booth, I would return it. I like the style but it is terribly made. It's woven completely crooked and arrived with dirt and glue caked to the U-shaped part of the base. On top of that, you have to assemble it by screwing the mirror in place using two ordinary brass screws. There is no indication of where best to put them so you just have to measure and guess and then screw it right into the wickerwork. After picking off the glue and soaking the base in water to help bend it into some sort of vaguely symmetrical form, I have put together a semi-presentable (albeit lopsided and dirty) mirror for my table. Skip this one, it's just not worth it.