Dreamline SHDR-20307210F Unidoor 30" Shower Door Reviews

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Adam Milwaukee, WI 2011-05-11

Dreamline shower door

I built the shower with a 30 1/16" opening and was worried because it doesn't really say you need between x and y for an opening, it just says it a 30" door. well it couldn't have been more perfect of a fit. with the hinges installed it comes to 29 15/16". the door looks great, just as good as my parents $1200 custom door and functions great.

Stef Ny ny 2013-08-14

No complaints

Excellent quality. Had installer put it in. There is a greenish tint which is Apparently standard with These type of doors unless you pay extra to get a totally clear glass. It is not noticeable unless you put it up against a totally white wall. I have Carrera marble in my shower and don't notice it. All in all an excellent product. Definitely recommend.

JJ Seattle, WA 2014-06-02

Very difficult to install

Hinges are beautiful but are not designed for ease of installation. Stainless screws are of cheap materials and strip easily. Requires 2 people to install. Instructions are vague in many aspects.

Charlie on the go Washington, Ga 2014-09-07

Beautiful doors I purchase 3

A great shower door I purchased 3 and they complete the shower. Everyone loves and wants one. Doors were delivered on time, installation was no problem. Great door!!!!