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Crosley Radio CR2413A-PA Memory Master II CD Recorder/USB In Paprika Reviews

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Skip S. Tucson, AZ 2011-01-26

Memory Master II CD Recorder/USB CR2413A

I found the CD recorder to be totally unacceptable because the stereo indicator light would not work, therefore I never knew if it was recording or playing in the proper mode. The unit seemed to have a mind of it's own and would turn itself on and off randomly. Not a good thing when you're in the middle of a recording. The manual tracking interval was a pain. The purchase price was fairly good. [...]

Tim Annandale, VA 2011-03-01

Better than I hoped for!

I read a lot of reviews and considered a lot of products before selecting this unit, and I couldn't be happier with the result. This unit has it all. A turntable that plays 33, 45 and 78 records; a CD player; radio; line-in connections for playing music from your iPod or other portable device; ability to burn music to CDs or to the computer; plus a tape deck because, why the heck not! I have only had this unit for a day, but I plugged it in and tested the turntable, CD player, radio and playing music through my iPhone. Everything worked great. I was pleasantly surprised at the clear and loud sound that comes from the speakers. I want this unit to be the primary source of music in my open living room, dining room and kitchen and it's plenty loud enough to do the trick. One minor quibble. I noticed on the face of the unit some slight "bubbling" and it looked like the face plate was poor quality. But it actually had protective coating to protect the actual face underneath. No where d

Mike Cape Cod,Ma. 2011-09-08

I wish I could'vehad some hands on befor

I have been buying stereo equipment for over 40 years and I have never seen a unit that lacks tone controls ex: bass-midrange-treble. The amplifier is also very under-powered, which explains the lack of external speaker connections. The sound is terrible, very flat as if it were in the trunk of a car with the lid closed. I wish I had had a chance to get my hands on one of these at a brick and mortar store, I don't think I would have bought this unit.

Tangolover Oceanside, CA 2011-11-11

Unbelievable Service and Support

Received the first Radio unable to operate, no questions asked and immediately a new one was on the way, it has arrived as scheduled, and is working just as designed. THank you for your help, very grateful for the immediate replacement. Sincerely, Bill O.

Ron Bedford, NH 2012-01-02

Memory Master II CR2413A-PA

I ordered this item in November as a Christmas gift for my wife. Upon arrival one week later, it performed as advertised. Then after only 3 days of use the CD player started making abnormal electronic noises through the speakers. I emailed customer service about this and they created a re-order of this item. But the item was back ordered and the shipping date was set for December 28th. . We were pleasantly surprised when the item arrived on December 16th. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this item has no defects.