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Hansgrohe 04231 S Thermostatic Trim With Volume Control And Diverter Reviews

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stillwaiting Northern Va 2011-12-04

Works for my shower/tub

This was installed to divert between shower and tub. It works perfectly. You turn the small knob to the right for shower--to the left for tub. The larger knob is the temperature. We like hot showers--so we always bypass the 100 degree anti-scald. (You hold down the little button on knob to turn it past the stop.) I love it except....the large knob does not feel sturdy. It has a slight wobble to it, and does not sit perfectly straight. (I had 2 Hansgrohe thermostatic trims installed, and it's the same on both.) I don't know if it's the way they were installed (same person, same time) or just the nature of the unit. I'm not too worried, because of the warranty--but I sure don't want to deal with any repairs....hopefully it is fine. (I'm very particular.)

Jan San Jose, Ca. 2012-07-20

escutcheon print not all there.

markings on escutcheon are missing. The 0 is like a shadow and the 1 is partially showing.I was told a replacement was ordered, but have not heard anything from Homeclick or Hansgrohe. Contractor needs to install it in a few days. They are now putting in the tile. The replacement should have been here by now and I am really upset.