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Monessen WDV600TSC 60" Serenade Top Vent Wide View Direct Vent Fireplace Reviews

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Doc Dad Edmonds WA 2011-12-08


The propaganda for this fireplace could not be more false! We purchased a Monesson serenade see through as part of a home remodel. It was installed more than two months ago and has NEVER worked properly. The remote only intermittently controls the fireplace and there is no evidence whatsoever that it actually controls the intensity of the flame or lights as promised. Trouble is, once you've installed the thing you have a hole in your wall that just fits this fireplace, only then do you realize it's junk. Save yourself an expensive redo, buy something, anything, else.

Katbiophilist Seattle 2014-08-10

Love it!

We had this installed about 2 1/2 years ago as part of a major remodel and couldn't be happier. The remote takes some studying to operate correctly but we have not had any problems with it. However, we never put it on automatic (set to turn on and off as temperatures rise and fall). We only turn it on and off as we wish. This size is really too powerful for the room we have it in but love the statement its size makes (sometimes we open the slider for fresh air and to be able to keep it running longer). So, it is more for ambiance than anything in our case. It gets a "wow" out of everyone who sees it and has a beautiful flame. On cold mornings it heats the room in minutes.