ET2 E57902-MB ET LED A 2 Light LED Under Cabinet Light In Metallic Bronze Reviews

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BT Phoenix,AZ 2011-01-03

ET-LED-A 2-Light LED Under Cabinet Light

Unit seems well built but directions and claim of easy installation are overstated. No power cord is supplied (Glad refrigerators aren't that way), junctionbox is plastic with no cord sleeves to protect cord from sharp edge of oversized punchout, had to fabricate my own. No directions of how to access unit for bulb change. Hope one doesn't need to access rear of unit as it snaps into brackets under cabinet and may be difficult to remove.

Bethers Monterey, CA 2011-07-24

What they don't show you

The unit comes with a big splice box that is more than twice as thick as the light. Where are you supposed to put that where it won't stick out down under the cabinet? You need an area more hidden than under your cabinets if you don't want them to show.