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Sugatsune PR-21P-BLK Non - Magnetic Mini Touch Latch Reviews

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Ed H Westminster, MD 2011-12-11

Non-Magnetic touch latch

I used these latches on ceiling maintence panels. I did not want panels with handles or finger holes. I needed something that would push to latch, push again to release. These were one of two designs I found on this site. I liked both designs but decided to try this one first and it works great. I used four per panel, where I'd have two on opposite sides about 2" - 4" in from the corner (depending on the size of the panel). Not practicle for maintenance panels under 6" x 6". Cons They use four screws to hold the main latch body on. In MHO if the latch used two screws then it could be modified to have better height adjustment. There is a (very) little exessive clearence between the catch and latch when the panel is in the latched state. This could possibly cause a rattle in rooms where air pressure changes when open\closing doors. Again with a little refinement in the design it could easily be removed using a strong spring pushing the center post down onto the catch. I'd ce