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Napoleon EPI-1101P Deluxe EPA Reviews

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Jim W Northwest CT 2009-10-13

1101 Insert from Napolean

Generates lots of heat with little wood. (15 pc. a day) It works as advertised. I have about 19' of 6" liner with insulation installed. I am still on my 1st fire. 2 days now. It is now Oct. 13th and we still have not turned on the thermostat. (NW CT) 70 deg inside 40 deg. outside and raining. 1600 sq. ft. house. When the temp drops to the teens I will need the oil furnace for sure. This site did not seem to offer the insulation or pick your own parts for the liner kit. Brick layout could be better described in manual.

Tami Bellows Falls, Vermont 2010-10-08

i would buy this product again

easy to use

Dan Stillwater, Okla. 2008-10-23

A Great Value and Performer!

I installed our Napoleon EPI 1101P about a month ago, ahead of the first cold fronts into Oklahoma for 2008. It took some major Sawzall work on the prefab fireplace in our 2004-vintage home, but the insert fit well, and the trim fit well once I installed the unit as a "direct connect" into the prefab unit's stainless chimney liner. (Installation is a two-person (strong people) job but not excessively difficult). The unit works well, heats well, holds a fire well and is very attractive. I'd recommend this insert to anyone. We are using it to heat the main part of our three-bedroom home and keep the propane central heater from operating. This adds some economy to our rural living (we have dead timber to burn this year, and oak to manage as a woodlot in the future) along with some independence from petroleum and electricity prices. A definite thumbs up!!!

Bob Colorado 2008-11-05

So so - not happy yet.

I like the appearance and design, but currently I cannot get it to work as specified. I've built about 30 hours of fires - and the manual notes that it will take time for the brick to dry. However, even after getting the fire burning well, if I close the door, the fire goes to smolder only - even with draft on high. Smokes a lot. I'm going to try to better seal the chimney install and see if that causes more draw. If it does not, I will return the insert.

Just a novice nj 2009-01-30

Great bargain

I went into a store asking about inserts and they said I wouldn't walk out with anything under 5k. Found this and bought a chimney liner and for just over 2k I am ecstatic. Load the wood in there but keep the door open for the first 15-20 min. Then close the door til there is 1-2 inch of space and let the fire slow down a little as it draws the air from the flue. Once it gets going again you can close the door and kick those blowers on. Works like a charm and quite an aesthetic and practical upgrade from a regular fireplace.